Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tooth colored fillings (white fillings)

Toothcolored fillings refer as white fillings, that restore and mimic the natural look of the tooth structure. Restore your teeth which have fractured or decayed tooth, tooth colored fillings may be used cosmetically to change the size, shape and color of the tooth. This will usually helps in closing between teeth, repair broken teeth.

Advantages of tooth coloured fillings:
  • They match closely to natural tooth and appearance.
  • They chemically bond to the tooth structure and doesn't require the placement of slots or grooves or pins in healthy tooth to retain them.
  • The bonding of tooth colored filling restores 85% - 95% strength of original tooth.
  • They become harden very soon in seconds instead of days to wait by some other materials.
  • Sensitivity tooth, if any, this is due to composite resin used in less and brief.
  • Tooth colored fillings may be used on both front and back teeth.
  • If any damages, they can be repaired soon.
Advantages of tooth coloured fillings:
  • Avoid or frequent use of dark liquids like coffee, tea, win etc... and avoid with rich dyes, may stain your tooth.
  • These are not as strong as metal fillings.
  • Frequent exposure to liquids which has high alcohol content may weaken them.
  • These are also more expenssive than normal amalgam fillings.
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