Monday, 27 July 2015

Cosmetic Dentistry

         Confidentdental care genuinely enjoy cosmetic dentistry and creating results for our patients we have a tendency to believe this shines through in everything we do.

      Our dream an excellent a wonderful dental practice started with understanding the nature of human worry towards dentistry, complex of dental treatment and transfer in years of expertise for every client we treat at our facility. every individual at our facility undergoes complete oral care and treatment is custumized to reach an final result - Healthy Teeth and Gums.

     Our facility is provided with high technology dental systems to provide superior diagnostics. The extremely advanced digital imaging (x-ray) system can enable our dentist to raised diagnose the dental issues.

Our patient experience with us will always reflect the following:
  • We are friendly and trustworthy.
  • We listen and respond to your needs.
  • We are loving about dentistry and your results.
  • Your comfort is our priority.
  • Our commitment to the newest technologies and techniques.
  • But within the end it’s all about our patients’ results.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Gum treatment in bangalore.

        If you have gum disease?? and want pain-free treatment?? then confident dentalcare suggest to you for laser treament for all gum diseases. We can eliminate 99% of bacteira that causes gum diseases. Gummy smile sufferers their gums will be visible when they smile and to avoid gummy smile, our expert dentists have more experience in performing soft tissue laser sculpting and crown lengthening, is the most common gum surgery.
          We provide gum treatment for the following gum problems:-
  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Gap between teeth
  • For bad breath
    Advantages of this technolgy:-
  • Dental drill is not necessary
  • Using laser treatment we can give rootcanal treatment without pain
  • Cosmetic and facial treatment by laser
  • Whiten your teeth in a single step
  • No blood in dental, no swelling and no pain
    Then come down to our clinic for getting start of gum treatment
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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Invisalign braces bangalore

              Invisalign is a dentistry device that uses clear, progressive aligners to regulate teeth as an alternate to wire braces. These odontology devices are serving for teeth straightening and some of dental braces are following :-
  • Incognito braces/ Lingual braces : These are widely accepted, because these are hidden braces working backside of your teeth. So they are completly hidden from outside. Incognito/Lingual braces are customized braces with brackets and wires which are working towards perfect smile.
  • Metal braces/ Traditional braces : these are consist of brackets and wires. These braces are less expensive compared to other dental braces. For better tooth development, ligatures are also used in the metal braces.
  • Ceramic braces : these are made up of ceramic alloys. These braces are applicable in different levels of transparency and these are less noticeable because of it's transparency.
  • Invisible braces : these are made up of medical grade plastic. Invisible braces doesn't have brackets and wires. Invisible braces are not suitable for certain types of tooth movements.
            Smile raises your spirits and makes other people happy and one of the great expression of our feelings is the perfect and sparkling smile. Visit confident dentalcare to smile confidently with your friends and relatives or anyone, then make a move towards confident dental care for the best dental healthcare.
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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Cad cam crowns in Bangalore

CAD – Computer Aided Designing CAM – Computer Assisted Milling

        The first step of CAD/CAM crowns treatment is tooth preparation, next is taking a digital impression, sends prepared tooth's exact measurements to computer. Then which allow dentists use CAD-CAM technology to design the features, size and shape of the tooth restoration using a computer.

        These computer programs displays a 3-D images of gums and teeth. Once the tooth restoration is designed by computer, allow your dentist to draw precise design of the tooth and cosmetic dentist all these information is sent to sculpting machine which give the exact specifications through CAM . The dental restoration done by CAD or CAM fits better when compared to hand made in dental lab. Patients can have satisfaction in these techniques and can get their tooth repaired in one day. One of the main uses of CAD or CAM is same day procelain crown . These restorations are done in a single appointment instead of having return appointments.

Main advantages of CAD/CAM crowns:-
  • Accurate size and shapes prevents gaps between tooth which is crowned and surrounding teeth.
  • Immediate 3D images save lot of time .
  • Sculpting machine which creates healthier restorations of tooths.
  • CAD/CAM offers a natural look , durable and better fitting .
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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Cosmetic dental clinics

          Confident dental care is a boutique cosmetic dental clinic , we always strive for delivering the excellent results and provide services that making your pretty smile on your face. Now a days everyone want to look beautiful than others. Smile is the prettiest thing you can wear every day begining and end. Face is an index of mind, like that smile can tell us so many things which may be happiness or sorrows. Visit our cosmetic dental clinics in bangalore for your prttey face.

              Our goal is to fulfill our patients' expectaions and their dreams of having healthy family with a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile can give answers for so many questions. Silent and smile both are very important in some situations. If you have any problem on teeth like whitening, shaping or replacing of your teeth, We offer the best quality with affordable prices. We provide invisible braces with different look to your face and cosmetic dentistry is the state of the art. The perfect smile can give you more confidence.

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