Thursday, 3 September 2015

Is chewing gum better than flossing?

                    Yes it is true, chewing gum can be more benefit for dental health and it is as good as flossing. Chewing gum for ten minutes can help to remove upto hundred million bacteria from your mouth which is extremely efficient way to clean your mouth. Chewing sugar-free gum for ten minutes are more beneficial and removes bacterias by chewing gum apparently.

What kind of chewing gum is best?
         The advantages of chewing gum are renowned to everyone already, choose sugar-free gum and containing xylitol as this will help to fight with bacteira which could otherwise cause infection.

Is flossing your teeth is waste of time?
          Unfortunately not! Confident dentalcare, as we know many patients will feel inconvenient, burdensome and some are too lazy to floss daily but it does have a vital role in taking care of dental health. Actually flossing helps to remove the pieces of food and bacteria trapped in between your teeth which couldn't able to remove with chewing gum also. Flossing helps to stimulate the gum tissues as it remains healthy and strong.

          But chewing sugar-free gum might be great when it is inconvenient to brush but that is not a permanent solution. Instead, one of the best way to keep your teeth healthy and strong until you get to floss and brush daily and freshen up your mouth.

            The length of dental floss would be around 18 inches long, so you can use fresh piece for every tooth. Otherwise it is like transforming bacteria from one place to the next. Dental floss can be various widths which depends on your teeth packed in.

            You might be confused that how to floss more effectively, but the simple way is that through the demonstration from expert professionals for the correct method. You can ask us for help that if you are unaware of how to floss, as our expert dentists can work with you to improve your dental health and flossing techniques.

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