Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Cad cam crowns in Bangalore

CAD – Computer Aided Designing CAM – Computer Assisted Milling

        The first step of CAD/CAM crowns treatment is tooth preparation, next is taking a digital impression, sends prepared tooth's exact measurements to computer. Then which allow dentists use CAD-CAM technology to design the features, size and shape of the tooth restoration using a computer.

        These computer programs displays a 3-D images of gums and teeth. Once the tooth restoration is designed by computer, allow your dentist to draw precise design of the tooth and cosmetic dentist all these information is sent to sculpting machine which give the exact specifications through CAM . The dental restoration done by CAD or CAM fits better when compared to hand made in dental lab. Patients can have satisfaction in these techniques and can get their tooth repaired in one day. One of the main uses of CAD or CAM is same day procelain crown . These restorations are done in a single appointment instead of having return appointments.

Main advantages of CAD/CAM crowns:-
  • Accurate size and shapes prevents gaps between tooth which is crowned and surrounding teeth.
  • Immediate 3D images save lot of time .
  • Sculpting machine which creates healthier restorations of tooths.
  • CAD/CAM offers a natural look , durable and better fitting .
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