Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Invisalign braces bangalore

              Invisalign is a dentistry device that uses clear, progressive aligners to regulate teeth as an alternate to wire braces. These odontology devices are serving for teeth straightening and some of dental braces are following :-
  • Incognito braces/ Lingual braces : These are widely accepted, because these are hidden braces working backside of your teeth. So they are completly hidden from outside. Incognito/Lingual braces are customized braces with brackets and wires which are working towards perfect smile.
  • Metal braces/ Traditional braces : these are consist of brackets and wires. These braces are less expensive compared to other dental braces. For better tooth development, ligatures are also used in the metal braces.
  • Ceramic braces : these are made up of ceramic alloys. These braces are applicable in different levels of transparency and these are less noticeable because of it's transparency.
  • Invisible braces : these are made up of medical grade plastic. Invisible braces doesn't have brackets and wires. Invisible braces are not suitable for certain types of tooth movements.
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