Thursday, 15 October 2015

Best dental implants in bangalore


           Confidentdentalcare, one of the best dental implants in bangalore. We offer to our patients with dental implants as it is the best dental treatment options for restoring missing teeth instead of resting on the gum like removable dentures or victimization adjacent teeth as anchors like fixed bridges, dental implants are long-term restorement that is surgically placed within the jawbone.

Dentalimplant surgery : This is the procedure that replaces tooth roots into metal, screw like posts and replaces broken or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function, performation are like real ones. Confident dentalcare provide you dental implant with the strongest and most attractive look , feel and perform like natural teeth. We are proud to say that confident dentalcare is the best dental implants in bangalore. 

We offer to patients following procedures :
  • We afford to our patients as fixed and removable prosthetic device required full mouth reconstruction. This device is supported by implants, but the patient or doctor will take away a part of the prosthetic device for hygiene access. It has 2 parts : retaining metal part that is not removable and the actual super structure, that is removable. This super structure fit over the metal half and it always connected to the metal part through friction mechanism.
  • We also do Endosteal dental implant( in the bone ) procedure within which varieties of screws, cylinders or blades surgically placed into the jawbone. Every implant holds one or additional prosthetic teeth. This is often 2 stage implant procedure.
  • Single stage dental implant : We perform Sub Periosteal dental implant (on the bone) procedure wherever the implant is placed on the top of the jaw with metal framework sticking through the gum to hold the prosthetic device called as single stage dental implant. This procedure is done on patients who are unable to wear standard dentures.
  • Immediate loading implant which implies that we are able to extract teeth and place implants with crowns only in first visit.
  • If you are missing more teeth we offer you implant supported bridges as another to switch for missign teeth.
  • Our well qualified professional dental surgeons perform implant procedure known as Sinus Lift Surgery. This procedure is needed in instances where the number of bone found during during patient's jaw is insufficient to accomodate the length of a implant.

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