Sunday, 2 August 2015

Best Dental Care in Bangalore

Confident Dental Care is one of the best dental care center in Bangalore. Cosmetic Dentistry is more prominent than regularly, from whitening solutions, shaping to closing spaces from the teeth and replacing teeth. To improve the look of your smile, our dentists have a wide range of tools and techniques.

Whitening Teeth:
After smoking, taking certain medicines, your teeth become dirty or discolored?
Our dentist can bleach your teeth in 2 ways using a chemical technique.

1. Whitening Solution at home is more convenient but it can take 2 or more weeks or longer depending on the strength of the teeth. To reach whitening solution is to be quick fixed, our dentist can create custom mouth piece tray that protect the right amount of whitening solution.

2. Whitening Solutions in clinic can take 1 to 2 hours of visit. Whitening a teeth, it doesn't mean to clean a teeth, it is still important to take care of oral by brushing twice in a day and flossing at least once in a day.

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