Monday, 17 August 2015

Tips : Milk in tea prevents teeth staining.

                   The people who are smiling openly, one of the reason is that they will prefer more milk in their tea. According to researchers from university of Alberta, more milk in a cup of tea that can help keep your teeth pearly white. We experimented that using samples that had been extracted from mouth and compared the colour of teeth will change before and after soaking them in tea for 24hours.
The world's second most consumed drink is tea and the way of proccessed effects that how teeth are stained. The more the tea is oxidized, higher the staining properties. But we found that addition of more milk in tea reduces the ability to stain your teeth.
We did experimentation that we kept in a solution was 20percent milk, 80 percent tea. We kept that solution at 37 degrees for full day. That teeth conserved in milky tea, showed less staining.

It is a vital part that we observed in our experiments the colour of teeth changed significantly and adding milk to tea is one of the culture-specific phenomenon and some cultures refuse to add .

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