Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dental bridges in bangalore

         Dental bridges are usually used for missing tooth and they are also called as pontics and these helps in reducing all dental problems like tooth drift, gum diseases. You can use traditional removable dentures which they are permanent but dental bridges are permanent with the help of metal bands held by cement or resin. Materials used for dentalbridges are procelain, gold fused with the metal and type, amount of teeth reduction depend upon the materials used.

Following are the types of bridges used :-
  • Fixed bridges : These bridges are helpful to fillup the gaps anywhere in mouth and new teeth are made up of procelain or ceramic.
  • Cantilever bridges : These bridges are used for only one healthy tooth at one side of the gap. This is anchored to one or more teeth but on one side only and these are suitable for front teeth i.e., low stress bridges.
  • Resin bonded bridges : These are used when there is only one healthy tooth at one side of gap and these are used only for one side only.
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